Sri Lankan Omelette

Nothing says Sunday mornings like a nice breakfast. This Sunday, I’d made my famous (in my family at least) Srilankan Omelette. We’d had eaten this for the first time, in Sri Lanka, about 3 years ago, at a home stay. All of us fell in love with it, and kept ordering that for breakfast thereafter. The filling of the omelette has a nice mild sweet-spicy-tangy taste. I got the rough recipe from the person who prepared it there and happily experimented here till it tasted right! So this is my version of the omelette…

srilankan omelette 3

srilankan omellete1

The recipe makes 2 omelettes. The ingredients you need are:

2 eggs

2 tbsp milk

1 large ripe tomato – finely chopped

1 medium onion finely chopped

4-5 curry leaves roughly chopped

Capsicum – 1 inch piece well chopped

1 green chilly very finely chopped (only if you like it spicy)

1 tsp sugar

salt to taste

srilankan omelette 4

Beat the eggs well – till fluffy. Add milk, beat some more. Meanwhile saute the onions with a little olive oil in a pan. Once golden brown, add the tomatoes, salt & sugar and let cook on a medium flame stirring occasionally. Put the lid on once you add the tomatoes because, you want them to start losing their water content and sort of cook in itself. Add the capsicum and curry leaves. Add the green chilly to suit your spice levels (or don’t add it at all) It’s important to NOT let the tomatoes dry out. It becomes a semi dry filling for the omelettes. In an oiled/buttered (I’d recommend buttered) pan, pour half your egg mixture. When it’s almost cooked (the centre of the top of the omelette is still a little liquidy) add half the tomato mixture. Carefully roll the sides of the omelette to close it. Flip it. Let it cook and it’s ready to serve.

srilankan omelette 9

Here is when I got too hungry to go on shooting pictures 🙂 Hey, a girl’s gotta eat! So.. Do try this fab recipe, & I hope it tickles your taste buds as much as it tickles mine.


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