Cake pops

Bite sized cake, coated with chocolate, on a stick! A sure way of turning anyone who eats it into a child again 🙂 They’re fun to make, fast and are such a visual treat.


So this is how I spent the better part of my Saturday – Shopping for ingredients and then making the cake pops. Here’s what you need:

Cake pop sticks/Lollipop sticks  

Cooking chocolate dark – 300 gm

Cooking chocolate white – 30 gm

Vanilla Sponge cake – 350 gm homemade or store bought (I baked the cake because I’m a sucker for punishment 🙂 but even if it’s box cake or bought from your nearest bakery, it wouldn’t matter)

Creamy Vanilla frosting – homemade or store bought (I used Pillsbury Creamy Vanilla Icing) about 1 tablespoon

Sprinkles – of any sort

A Styrofoam block / or a wire rack to dry the cake pops (Ideal would be the styrofoam block but since I didn’t have one i made do with a wire rack, this can get a lil tricky)

Firstly, make or buy the sponge cake. Cut and use as required. I made it and used half the batch the first time, and stored the other half ( well wrapped in foil) in the freezer. I think the second batch I made came out FAB! So for those making the cake : Make it the previous day. Then you need to use a lot less icing in it.

First, evenly crumble the entire cake. It should look something like this.20140222_172652

Then add the frosting/ icing, bit by bit, mixing it well. I used my hands and I’d recommend you do too, because you get a good feel of the texture. Add more icing ONLY if the dough doesn’t hold into a ball. Adding too much will make the dough a damp sweet mass & too little won’t hold the mixture. Use a mini ice-cream scoop or a scoop spoon to ensure you make balls of the same size.cake crumbleStuff the dough into the spoon and then make them into balls using you hands. I got about 16 rolled balls from the dough. After rolling them, place them on a plate and place it in freezer for 10 minutes. In the meanwhile, melt your white chocolate (either in the microwave in a microwave safe bowl or by double boiling) just in time to take out the rolled cake out of the freezer. Dip the top of the cakepop stick in the melted white chocolate, and insert it half-way into a rolled ball. Repeat this for all the other cake balls. This procedure helps hold the cake pop in place.white chocKeep the plate back in the freezer. Now it’s time to melt your dark chocolate. Again this can be done in the microwave or double boiled, but needs to be stirred every minute in the microwave, else it could dry out.  Melt in a deep narrow cup, as it’s easier to dip the cake pop into. A lil tip here – add a tsp of oil, makes the chocolate smoother. Also, keep the sprinkles ready. Once nicely melted, take out the rolled cake from the freezer and one by one start dipping them carefully in the chocolate. Poke each one by the base into the styrofoam block or hang them in the wire rack. I only used the wire rack because I didn’t have any styrofoam around (It was a bit messy & it lost balance in between the first time) Quickly sprinkle a bit of the decorative sprinkles on the cake pop before it cools, otherwise it won’t stick. Let it cool for about 5 minutes and they’re ready to eat! 😀